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Post Industry Briefing

Following the Industry Briefing, questions/comments were raised by different parties which are summarized in the table below. The table will be updated in due time.

Q&A Summary after Industry Briefing

No. Question / Comment raised Response provided
1 Adjust contract value using Building Works Tender Price Index (BWTPI)

The value of local completed civil or building contracts will be adjusted using the BWTPI as per the guideline in DEVB TC(W) No. 4/2014.
2 Take the date of expiry of General Conditions of Contract (GCC) for term contract as the completion date The date of expiry of civil or building term contract will be taken as the completion date as per the guideline in DEVB TC(W) No. 4/2014.
3 For prequalification screening criterion 1, would an awarded “equivalent relevant” contract dated 2 months before PQ closing date, be counted as experience

A contract must have commenced at least 12 months prior to the original date set for the close of receipt of Prequalification Submission will be considered as a contract currently being undertaken.  This will be subject to approval by the Government and will be confirmed in the formal request for expression of interest.

4 If there are any updates to the information provided at the Industry Briefing?

Yes, please click here to view the updated Information.